only feelings I or about what??

Posted: Februari 5, 2010 in Tentang aKu...

if we are doing something not done by halves.

feeling I was right, from the beginning is half-half, could and sure it would be completed on time.
day, we are still ok and eager to do it.
The second day, one person left. I tried to finish and still believe, that I would be able to complete …!!!!

destroy confidence doubts about all this and finally succeeded.

The third day, handed over all of what we do.
fourth day, we can call. of the trip halfway, can not be no problem.
I justify it for all it can succeed.

the fifth day, the condition does not allow to continue, let alone I stand alone. all parties submit to me.

the last day, everything had been done. I do not know what the results would be like.
I accepted, it was something very valuable and thank you god.

If the rejected, it is the result of work by halves.

– Focus on something.
– Do not promise anything excessive.
– To be wise.
– Instant decision.
– Do not be wishy-washy.

the things I can from our work yesterday, I do not repeat it again.


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